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Diamond Plate Decorative Films

Light illuminates the edges of this sharp, feather-like pattern as it juts out of its reflective background. When the two points meld into the circular base, the resulting hologram creates an illusion of depth. We offer two differnt versions, Diamond Plate® Classic for large visual applications, and Diamond Plate® Mini or Diamond Plate® Mini Holographic for small close-up visual applications. Both of our Diamond Plate® Mini versions are exclusive to Griff Decorative Film. Diamond Plate Standard as produced by Griff Decorative Films is super bright and seamless. Standard colors are Silver #10, Gold #23, with other colors available on special order. The standard thickness is 65 - 75 microns, other thicknesses are available on special order. The standard width is 63 cm.

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24IN SILVER DIAMOND PLATE FILM - Diamond Plate Decorative Films
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