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Spartech Bullet Resistant Acrylic

Despite all of the improvements in security technology, bullet resistant barriers have been proven to be the only measure that deters crime before it happens. This is especially important considering there is approximately one convenience store robbery for every two convenience stores in the U.S. and that bank robberies have increased by 136 times in the past 50 years.

Polycast offers a solution to these problems and when one considers the four most important characteristics in choosing a bullet resistant sheet (adequate protection, weight, optical clarity, and value) the choice is obvious.

Excellent Protection
From our lightweight MP 1.25 sheet to our Acryshield L3, Polycast offers ballistic protection against virtually all hand guns including super power .44 magnum models.

Lighter Weight
Polycast weighs 48% less than glass with the same UL rating and slightly less than polycarbonate with the same degree of bullet resistance.

Superior Optical Clarity
Crystal clear Polycast transmits significantly more light than conventional bullet-resistant glass or polycarbonate. It is attractive in almost any environment and maintains its beauty over time. It is also available with a super abrasion resistant coating (SAR) that has 45 times the abrasion resistance of uncoated acrylic for maintaining its look over time.


Because Polycast will not turn yellow, haze, degrade or turn brittle when exposed to the elements, it typically provides a much better long term value than other forms of bullet resistant glass. Plus, it can be cut to any size using standard tools without chipping or cracking and can be formed into curved shapes. Its edges can also be polished to a beautiful clear luster, unlike polycarbonate, where edges turn black when polished.

MP 1.25 Bullet Resistant Sheet

MP 1.25 is one of our thinnest and lightest bullet resisting products. It protects against handguns of medium power, such as the 9 mm and Super 38 Automatic - any handgun with a muzzle energy of 380 to 460 foot-pounds. It is offered with and without Polycast SAR Super Abrasion-Resistant coating.

SAR HP 1.25 Bullet Resistant Sheet

For thin, light, crystal-clear protection against high-power handguns, it's tough to beat HP 1.25. It protects against handguns such as the .357 magnum and others with a muzzle energy of 548 to 663 foot-pounds. Polycast SAR Super Abrasion-Resistant coating is standard.

SP 1.25 (Acryshield L3™) Bullet Resistant Glass

Acryshield L3™ is a cell-cast acrylic based alloy that offers ballistics protection and superior optical clarity against virtually all handguns, including super powered models like the .44 magnum. An abrasion resistant coating is standard and the sparkling clarity after machining and polishing outshines all products in its class. The unique design for has proven to have ballistic protective capability that exceeds the criteria set forth in U.L. Level 3 requirements.

This is an excellent material for applications such as bank teller and convenience store protection windows, ATM machine face plates, and law enforcement and taxi cab vehicle front/back seat window dividers.

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