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Orafol Graphic Marking Films

ORACAL SERIES: 970RA | 951M | 8810 | 8510 | 8500 | 8300 | 751 | 6510 | 651 | 631 | 5600 | 5500 | 383 | 352 | 351

ORACAL Series 970RA Wrapping Cast Films

Series 970RA Wrapping Cast with Rapid Air Technology is a 4 mil, cast film with up to 10-year outdoor durability.  Now available in 96 gloss, matte and metallic colors!

ORACAL Series 951M Premium Cast Metallic Films

Series 951M is a 2mil, metallic PVC film specially developed to creat eye-catching lettering, marking and decorative elements.  Available in 49 colors.

ORACAL Series 8810 Frosted Glass Cast Films

Series 8810 is a 3 mil, 7-year cast PVC film for high quality sparkled glass decoration. This product features a synthetic liner and is available in 5 colors.

ORACAL Series 8510 Translucent Etched Glass Cal Films

Series 8510 is a 3 mil, 7-year translucent, decorative PVC film, with polymetric plasticizers that provide homogeneous uniformity when viewed through or on the substrate. Available in silver or gold, with fine or coarse textures.

ORACAL Series 8500 Translucent High Performance Films

Series 8500 is a 3 mil, high performance translucent calendered PCV film with up to 7-year outdoor durability. Available in 55 colors.

ORACAL Series 8300 Transparent Cal Films

Series 8300 is a 3 mil, 5-year transparent colored PVC film containing UV-stabilizers and a gloss finish. Available in 30 gloss colors that can be superimposed to create an infinite color palette.

ORACAL Series 751 High Performance Cast Films

Series 751 is an economical 2 mil, high-performance cast film with up to 8-years outdoor durability and excellent dimensional stability, cutting and weeding characteristics. Available in 78 ultra-high gloss colors plus matte black, matte white and transparent.

ORACAL Series 6510 Fluorescent Cast Films

Series 6510 is a 4 mil, 1-year fluorescent day-glow film that is especially effective in twillight and poor visibility conditions. Available in 6 gloss colors.

ORACAL Series 651 Intermediate Cal Films

Series 651 is a 2.5 mil, intermediate-performance calendered PVC film with up to 6-years outdoor durability. Available in 60 high gloss colors plus matte black, matte white and transparent.

ORACAL Series 631 Exhibition Cal Films

Series 631 is a 3 mil, 3-year exhibition grade calandered PVC film with a residue-free adhesive, removable up to two years. Available in 61 matte colors and transparents, including 14 new designer colors.

ORACAL Series 5600 Fleet Engineering Grade Reflective Films

Series 5600 combines printability, flexibility and removability (with heat). Ideal for applications over curved surfaces, rivets and corrugations. Available in 14 high-impact colors.

ORACAL Series 5500 Engineering Grade Reflective Films

Series 5500 is a 5 mil, 7-year reflective film, suitable for the manufacture of traffic control and guidance signs, warning and informational signs, reflective letterings, numbers and symbols intended for long-term use. Available in 13 colors.

ORACAL Series 383 Ultra Leaf Cast Films

Series 383 is a 3.5 mil, 5-year self-adhesive cast film featuring a smooth, preintable surface with a three-dimensional visual texture. Available in chrome or gold gloss finish.

ORACAL Series 352 Metallized Polyester Films

Series 352 is a 1 mil, metallized polyester film suited for use in screen printing, laser printing and offset printing. Available in transparent, matte chrome, gloss chrome, brushed chrome, single and double-sided gold.

ORACAL Series 351 Metallized Polyester Films

Series 351 is a 1 mil, metalizzed polyester film with excellent dimensional stability and good long-term aging properties. Available in chrome, matte chrome, and double-sided gold.

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