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ClearPath Stand-Offs

ClearPath Fisso 3, 4, 6

Fisso® Three, Four & Six Stand-Offs

ClearPath has brought new shapes to our stand-offs offering with Fisso Three, Four and Six! Achieve a unique design element for your projects with triangle, square and hexagon shaped stand-offs. Tamper-proof and available in satin silver finish.
ClearPath Heavy Duty

Heavy-Duty Stand-Offs

Larger stand-offs designed for heavier, large-scale indoor and outdoor projects.
ClearPath Metro Single

Metro™ Single Panel

Sturdy and attractive mounting hardware for single-panel signage. Metro™ stand-offs are the premier choice for interior architectural design projects, and are available in six distinctive finishes.
ClearPath Metro Double

Metro™ Double Panel

Sturdy and attractive mounting hardware for double-panel and dimensional signage. Metro™ Double Panel stand-offs are the premier choice for interior architectural design projects where layering effects are desired.  Available in six distinctive finishes.
ClearPath Elite Stainless Steel

Elite™ Stainless Steel Stand-Offs

Superb, stainless steel stand-offs are the preferred choice for outdoor and high humidity projects. Sturdy and attractive mounting design for single and double panel signage.  Elite™ Stainless Steel stand-offs are the most durable choice for demanding architectural design projects.
ClearPath Dimensional Design

Dimensional™ Design Mounts

Economical and versatile mounting solution with a highly unique look that is well- suited for a wide array of design applications. 
ClearPath Fisso Fixxo

Fisso® Fixxo™

Contemporary, synthetic stand-off that withstands high humidity environments. Features a retractable stainless steel spring that prevents tampering. 
ClearPath Fisso Maxi

Fisso® Maxi™

Strong, sturdy stand-off well-suited for large-scale and exterior applications. Maxi is ideal for jobs in which the designer wants to highlight the fixture as part of the sign design.
ClearPath Fisso Midi

Fisso® Midi™

Two-piece mounting solution great for applications requiring a medium-sized stand-off.
ClearPath Fisso Mix Alu

Fisso® Mix Alu™

Low-profile domed cap stand-off with an elegant, fingerprint resistant matte finish.  Aluminum construction, well-suited for a variety of applications. 
ClearPath Fisso Rapid

Fisso® Rapid™

Sleek, revolutionary, design patented stand-off features a tamperproof plug interlock system.
ClearPath Fisso Steel

Fisso® Steel™

The stand-off choice for industrial and outdoor projects based on high durability and corrosion resistance with a sleek cap profile.
ClearPath Fisso Zoom

Fisso® Zoom™

This unique adjustable threaded telescoping stand-off is specially designed for stable mounting to uneven walls and surfaces. Project each sign or panel corner out from the wall at varying distances.
ClearPath Fisso Border

Fisso® Border™

Edge gripper hardware with the look of a decorative stand-off designed for easy reuse. Save time and money with easy installation - eliminating the need to drill through expensive signage, panels or glass.
ClearPath Fisso Corner

Fisso® Corner™

A unique mounting fixture featuring a 90 degree angled notch that locks and holds your sign or panel in place. Save time and money with easy installation - eliminating the need to drill through expensive substrates.
ClearPath Dimensional Edge Gripper

Dimensional™ Design Edge Gripper

Clean, economical and easy-to-install mounting system that can be mounted on the sides or top and bottom. Eliminates the need to drill through expensive substrates.  Available in four distinctive finishes.


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