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ClearPath Mounting Fixtures

ClearPath Digi IX Bond Connector

Digi® IX Bond® Connector

The IX Bond® panel connector cleverly allows you to connect panels at varying angles for dimensional displays and tight spaces. Assemble 3D structures in different shapes using the 60, 90 and 135 degree connectors or create linear displays with the 180 degree connector. Mount the screw through either side of the connector for easy assembly.
ClearPath Fisso Flag

Fisso® Flag™

Flag™ is a versatile mounting system that allows you to create flag and ceiling mounted signage in a variety of orientations and styles with the use of varying panel lengths. Assemble a wide variety of substrate materials with the aluminum mounting panel to create different looks.
ClearPath Fisso Button

Fisso® Button™

The Button™ sandwich panel connector holds two or more sheets of material together on the bottom edge of flag and suspended signage. Button can also be used simply as a decorative piece to create a finished look. 
ClearPath Fisso Klipser

Fisso® Klipser™

Klipser™ is a synthetic option which mounts the panel to the wall with a screw without the stand-off being visible from the front. The Klipser quickly and inexpensively adds dimension to any project.
ClearPath Zip Dacapo

Zip® Dacapo™

Zip® Dacapo™ is a grip strip bar that allows you to insert paper or thin gauge plastic to display temporary information or art. The Dacapo™ works with an internal rubber roll that grabs the paper and releases it by pulling it toward you, then down gently.
ClearPath Fisso Pixfix

Fisso® Pixfix™

Pixfix™ is a clever insert system that allows you to simply switch out the panels anytime without creating holes in the panels. Mount the Pixfix to the panel in the shop to save time on the job site later. The shallow design only comes off of the wall 10 mm / 0.39”.
ClearPath Fisso Clamper

Fisso® Clamper™

Robust contemporary alternative to stand-offs that accepts a wide range of material thicknesses for secure mounting. Eliminates the need to drill through substrates.  Available in lengths up to 36” for large format applications.   
ClearPath Fisso Ghost

Fisso® Ghost™

A hidden support system fastened or glued to the back of panels and signs for a floating look.  Eliminates the need to drill through expensive substrates.  Easy to anchor and align panels with unique hole marking.     
ClearPath Fisso Panel Connector

Fisso® Panel Connector™

Unique inter-locking, slide-in slots allow signs or photos to be snap-locked quickly and changed easily as needed.  Save time and money with easy installation.  Eliminates the need to drill through expensive substrates.  Ideal for close fit to wall or mounting surface.
ClearPath Fisso Punto

Fisso® Punto™

A unique method to display flag, ceiling and table top signage.  Can be use as a display shelf by mounting horizontally on the wall. 
Fisso Uniplus

Fisso® Uniplus™

Panel support system for wall, ceiling or flag mount. 
ClearPath Fisso Steel Uniplus

Fisso® Steel Uniplus™

Innovative and simple designed panel support system for wall, ceiling or flag mounted signage or POP display.
ClearPath Fisso Uniplus Style

Fisso® Uniplus Style™

Uniquely designed panel support system that can conveniently adjust to the thickness of wall, ceiling or flag mounted signage.
ClearPath Diggi Pressto

Digi® Pressto™

Ideal for quick installation and last minute displays, this innovative free-standing product is used with panels to create eye-catching signage, advertising, and other decorative floor elements.  


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