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Custom Fabrication Capabilities

High Volume & Precision Cutting Capabilities

Our SCM SZC 105 Plast Panel Saw was designed specifically for plastic application, is fast, reliable and precise. The solid and compact machine grants precise carriage movements and together with the THK guides for the blade raising, it ensures and optimal finish.  This 16' x 20' machine can handle any size sheet we have in our vast warehouse.  With it's highly precise cutting capabilities it is now possible to stack material for faster, cleaner and more uniform cuts on any type of material. Multi-Craft's SCM SZ 105 Plast Panel Saw Multi-Craft's SCM SZ 105 Plast Panel Saw

Precision CNC Routing Capabilities

Multi Craft's MultiCam 7000 Series CNC Router Our new Multicam 7000 Series CNC Router gives us an area larger than 6' x 10' for precision CNC routing.  MultiCam's 7000 Series routers offer the ultimate in high-performance CNC machining.  If you can dream it, draw it, or program it in CAD (bring your own program, or we can help with the programming as well!) - we can route it to your specs.  Acrylic, Acetal, Polycarbonate, PolyMetal, UHMW, Signage - you name it.  The only limit is your imagination!  

We also have a 4' x 8' CNC Table Router which you can see in action by clicking on the videos below.

48" x 96" sheet of HDPE material 3/4" thick has already been pre-drilled with .125" holes. Now our CNC router is going back and adding a .375" countersink to each hole.

48" x 96" sheet of HDPE material 3/4" thick has already been pre-drilled with .125" holes along with .375" countersinks to each hole. Our CNC machine is now routing the finished piece out from the 3/4" thick material. Multiple passes are required for this precise cut to eliminate any material rattle and provide the cleanest & smoothest edge cut possible.

Each piece being cut out is just under 16" x 32" allowing us to use nearly the entire sheet to it's fullest with minimal waste and cost to the customer. There's no way we'd be able to consistently cut these pieces by hand and provide this small of a gap between each cut. This is just one more advantage for us to provide our customer's when they need large volume or custom CNC routing capabilities.

Basic Cuts

We have several table saws (manual or programmable) to give the product a smooth, clean and precision straight cut. Whether you need a sheet of plastic cut to a certain size or quantity order of a smaller size, we have the necessary equipment to accommodate your basic needs.
  • Counter Cuts
  • Rough Cut or Precision Cut
MCP Table Saw 1  MCP Custom Fab   MCP Custom Fab

Special Cuts

With four CNC laser-cut machines and hundreds of unique cut-out designs available, we can turn your idea into a product. Whether your product idea involves bending, routing, or laser-cutting, we can create just about any design imaginable. Come in with an idea of what you want and we can customize your unique product idea.
  • Angle Cuts
  • Cut to a Pattern
  • Band Saw Cuts (Ovals or Curves)
  • Circle Cuts
MCP Laser Cutting  MCP Laser Cutting   Special Cuts   Special Cuts     


Polishing a product adds a special quality to it. It gives the product crystal clear edges and sides, making the entire product look very professional. Types of polishing available include machine polishing, flame polishing, and buffing using a buffer wheel.
  • Machine Polishing
  • Flame Polishing
  • Bevel Polishing

     MCP Polisher 1  MCP Polisher 2


We are able to customize your product by heat bending to any angle. We can give your product a gradual circular bend, or give it a sharp, defined angle with multiple bending points.
  • Straight Bends with Strip Heater
MCP Strip Heater  Bending   Bending

Oven Forming

Another capability we have is oven forming. We are able to heat plastic to extreme temperatures to allow unique formations. This technique is very useful for the bigger sheets of plastic that need to be molded. Some of these formations may include trays, bowls, domes, and windshields.
  • Single Wrap (One Bend)
  • Double Wrap (Two Bends)
  • Trim Windshield
  • Install Windshield
  • Large Radius Bends
MCP Oven Forming  Unique/Custom Oven Forming   Oven Form Bubbles

Drilling Holes

We have several  drills on hand, with many different sized drill bits. We can make any sized hole you want in your product and can place them holes anywhere you want on your product. Our drills give a crisp and professional look to any product.

Routing Edges

Routing plastic makes the edges and sides of plastic much more smooth and clean appearing. With many routers on hand, we are able to route the edges of your product at various angles and different depths. We also can round corners or bevel of your product as well.

Radius Corners

Cutting plastic to give it a rounded corner is a specialized type of routing. If it is a 8 inch or 1/2 inch radius you want, all sizes of radius corners are available.
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